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My Girls

Recently the baby has had her first birthday and Sibéal has just turned 4. The year has flown, but paradoxically, it’s hard now to imagine life before Síofra. Even at 1, she definitely has her own inimitable personality. She’s a charmer. Her big wide toothy lopesided grin is flashed to get her own way, and [...]

Swimming in the sea

Last Sunday I went swimming in the sea for the first time in years. It was a gorgeous day here and we were on the nearby beach before midday, I couldn’t resist it. I’m an enthusiastic rather than an accomplished swimmer, I still haven’t mastered putting my face in the water when doing the forward [...]

My baby has gotten her first tooth

Last week was brutal, the baby was sick for the first time. She had a cold, nothing too major and yet it had a huge impact on her world. Cold virus = runny/stuffed nose = can’t drink bottle or swallow properly = hungry but vomiting and coughing = not alot of sleep = red, sore eyes. [...]

Awesome Arrival of new cousin Abigail

Abigail aka Abi finally arrived on the 14th of June. Huge congrats to Kieran and Louise and to big sista Chloe.

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