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Mince Pie Magic

One of the many reasons why my mother in law, Rose, rocks. Top notch mince pies. Tastastic.

Personalised Santa message from Portable North Pole

via @famron: My kids are loving this: Portable North Pole – PNP. Take a few minutes to upload some information and a photo of them and watch Santa tell the story and their reactions. Class!

Happy Christmas

Well I survived the snowboarding with just a battered and bruised body. Alas I’m still fairly brutal at it. But it was a most excellent weekend. St Anton was gorgeous, the snow thankfully was for the most part deep and soft, perfect for my many falls.  Good fun hanging out with the clann. Its been [...]

Happy Christmas

This photo was taken three years ago on Christmas day in my mother’s old house. It started snowing and our kids were over the moon. It will always remind me of Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful and fun Christmas and that Santa is good to you tonight! Ho ho ho…..