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A balloon to remember

I can’t even begin to fathom the pain and loss that the death of your child must entail. It is something that no parent ever wants to experience, but unfortunately many do.  Anam Cara is a group of bereaved parents who support other bereaved parents after the loss of a child. They have just launched [...]

DIY Paper Sundial

Via @sabrinadent. This looks like a fun project for kids and adults alike and its free. How to make your own cutout paper vertical sundial. This page is about Sundials. Sundials are instruments that tell you the time with the shadow of the sun. To design a sundial you need to know exactly where you [...]

Ribena on the go

Last week, much to the joy of my children, I received a few cartons of Ribena’s new Juiced Up! to try. I love blackcurrants and my kids are big fans of fruit juice. They really enjoyed both flavours of this juice. They thought it tasted great and was thirst quenching and refreshing. I was happy [...]

Time to Terminate Tetanus

Pampers and UNICEF have just launched this year’s “1 Pack =  1 Life-Saving Vaccine”  campaign. Its ultimate goal is the worldwide elimination of maternal and newborn tetanus. During this October, November and December, for every pack of Pampers nappies with the “1 Pack = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine” logo, Pampers will fund UNICEF with 1 tetanus [...]

Scrumptious scones

I don’t often post recipes on this blog but I’m making an exception for this one. This week has seen 3 of children rebel as they are sick of sandwiches in their school lunchbox every day. Coincidentally last week my sister in law mentioned she had just eaten some delicious scones so I decided to [...]

Free honours maths leaving cert grinds

With the school year underway, Engineers Ireland has announced it is to offer maths grinds to higher-level Leaving Certificate Maths students from Saturday 25th of September until the Easter holidays. These grinds shall be free of charge and shall take place each Saturday from 11am till 2pm in the Engineer Ireland offices in Ballsbridge, Dublin. [...]

Family guy clip that made me smile

Multiply this by 5, with a “Moma” which is what Fionn refers to me when he wants my attention and this could be our house somedays

Superb SuperSea Summer Camp

Oscar has just completed this summer camp and is raving about how good it was and how much he enjoyed it. It took place on Garrettstown beach. We were fortunate that the weather was relatively good this week and there were some waves. All equipment was supplied by the surf school. The children were kitted [...]

But how can they teach me to run faster? *

The beginning of the school summer holidays saw my middle three children eager to do something energetic. Some of their pals were doing the Bandon Athletic Club Summer Camp so that’s the activity they selected. It was held in the Bandon Grammar school grounds which was great as in addition to outdoor running track and [...]

Super Sugru Scissors Repair

This is a guest post from Oscar, our 11 year old son. He eagerly awaited the arrival of Sugru in our house as he had seen the demos on its website. He repaired a broken scissors handle with the wonder material. Now nothing is safe Take it away Osc: Today I did an experiment with [...]

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