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Shocked and stunned

Posted on | March 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

Yesterday, I dropped my battered, old Zafira into the garage to have the brake pads and coolant system checked as had been getting the ominous scrapping sound on braking and a flashing warning coolant light on the dashboard.

Track rubber
Creative Commons License photo credit: cosmic_spanner

When I collected the car a few hours later to pony up the dosh for the replacement brake pads, I noticed on the car’s checklist a “no spare wheel” note. Eek.

When did that go missing? Presumbly it was present on my previous car service a few months ago as that box was ticked then.  Where did it go? Its attached to the car’s underside rather than stashed in the boot.

The garage guy told me there’d been a spate of robberies of spare wheels from carparks around Cork in recent times. First I’ve heard of it. Has this happened to anyone else?

I was quite stunned. Bizarre. Have ordered new spare wheel which looks like it’s going to cost the best part of €200. Bloody expensive. Time for my annoyed face or what Fionn calls his “angry (eye) lashes” .

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2 Responses to “Shocked and stunned”

  1. Enormous
    March 25th, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

    Oh what a pain. There is something especially annoying about these kind of pointless thefts. Relations of mine had the door of their camper nicked over Xmas. So frustrating for them too because it’s hardly worth risking your no claims bonus for the cost of replacement.
    I wonder is there any sort of lock that can be attached? Probably cost another 100 *eyeroll*

  2. Manic Mammy
    March 25th, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

    Thats awful for your relations. I hadn’t even thought to check with my car insurance to be honest. Will have to ask about a possible lock or some sort of deterrent at the garage.

    What really concerned me though was the thought of how long the spare wheel has been gone. I’ve driven with the kids to Cavan a few times since the last service. However inconvenient a punctured tyre would have been, I would be able to change the wheel.
    The idea that I would not have had a spare to rely on, on my own with 5 kids in the car, is quite worrying.

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