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Super Skateboarding Shop

Posted on | February 27, 2010 | No Comments

Creative Commons License photo credit: Manu – mars

Myself and Oscar headed into Cork this morning on the advice of his mate Cian. Both the boys are hugely into skateboarding at the moment and its fabulous to see such enthusiasm.

The purpose of this visit to Tubes on Cook Street was to purchase new trucks for Oscar’s skateboard. Since Christmas his skateboarding has improved in leaps and bounds so he is doing more moves, jumps etc so he wanted more manoeuvrability with his board. He has been saving, so all his cash was gathered and in I drove.

Tubes is easy to find and packed full of snowboarding, surfing and skateboard equipment and attire. Oscar was in heaven. The young sales assistant was brilliant. He gave us great advice after listening to Oscar’s predictament. The service was friendly and top notch. Oscar appreciated the fact that the sales guy was a skateboarder himself and knew exactly what Oscar was talking about. The trucks were purchased.

Oscar has already started saving for his next visit and I also now know where to go when I wish to purchase snowboarding gear. We’ll definitely be returning soon.

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