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Kidizoom camera makes Síofra a very happy little girl

Posted on | February 11, 2010 | No Comments

Síofra was over the moon to receive this cool digital camera as a Christmas pressie from Uncle Brían. She’s only 3 years old but really loves it and gets great use and play out of it.

Noone is safe from being photographed in the house now. She’s a one girl paparazzi. She has had no problems in using it so far, its design is fairly intuitive and her older siblings are to hand to assist her doing any of the more intricate functions.  In addition to it being a camera with zoom and flash, it can also record video and she can play one of five games.

Other features include limited editing of photos by adding a range of effects. She really loves it and the older kids have also nabbed and used it when she has left it down for a few minutes. I love the fact that its very robust. Her little hands can manage the buttons, dial and chunky frame easily. She loves when we hook it up to the TV and her photo creations can be seen on the big screen.

One disadvantage is that it is very hard on batteries and when they run out, it forgets all its settings including to use the memory card. The camera has only a small internal memory which fills rather quickly, thus leading to annoyed child.

Despite this minor disadvantage I would recommend this camera for children from 3 years up, its a wonderful present. Available from Smyths or Amazon. Thanks again Brían.

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