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Never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink

Posted on | January 31, 2010 | 2 Comments

Via Springwise:

I kinda like this idea from Acadamie Wines, a Californian Wine producer.

They offer 4 different blends of wine in 375ml bottles to suit cooking with different types of food. Never again would you have to reach for old, stale, leftover wine whilst creating your culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. These would be very handy to have in the fridge or to hand. They’re sold separately or as a pack of 4 and claim to taste as good on their own as as an ingredient.

  1. Blend #1: Red Sauces & Meat Dishes
    This dry red wine blend will add depth and complexity to your red sauce or meat dish. Expect hints of black olive, truffle, ripe cherry and French Oak.
  2. Blend #2: Seafood, Poultry & Pork
    This dry white wine blend will add a citrusy brightness to your white meat or seafood dishes. Expect hints of white pineapple, lemon, and grapefruit.
  3. Blend #3: Beef & Poultry Marinades
    This dry red wine blend will enhance the savory and spice components of your beef and poultry marinades. Expect hints of strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, and spice
  4. Blend #4: Game Bird, Fish & Lamb
    This dry white wine blend will add a refined sweetness and soft fruit character to your white meat and fish dishes. Expect hints of white peach and candied pear. This wine goes great in desserts as well!

Would love to try them but alas they only ship within California at present. I reckon this sort of idea would work really well here too. Perhaps an opportunity for some wine importer or producer on this side of the pond?

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2 Responses to “Never cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink”

  1. Michael Kane
    February 1st, 2010 @ 3:34 pm

    These look great!
    Biggest problem with any “cooking” wines will always be the duty in Ireland, which you’re going to pay whether you’re using the wine for drinking, cooking or watering the flower beds.
    Makes adding any wine to a recipe expensive but what’s the alternative?

  2. Manic Mammy
    February 1st, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

    Doh, yes indeed I had forgotten about our prohibitive duty rate here.
    Despite it though, I tend to use some wine in alot of our dinners. A little goes a long way. Definitely adds huge flavour to stews, casseroles, risotto, gravy, italian meat sauces, fish dishes and more. It would be nice to use a more “tailored” wine when cooking these rather than whichever leftover and possibly “past its best” wine is to hand.

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