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Perfect Pottery Party

Posted on | November 3, 2009 | No Comments

Sibéal turned 6 years old last weekend. Its not a great time of the year to have a birthday party as the weather is usually fairly wet and wintery so bouncy castles and similar are not on. She’s big into Arts and Crafts at the moment. It is an area in which I neither excel nor am particularly enamoured with, to say the least. So I was delighted when Rita’s Clay house was recommended on twitter by @ann_donnelly.

We had a wonderful time. Rita’s clay house is located approximately 10 mins or so from Clonakilty.  Sibéal and 9 of her friends spent the first part of the afternoon painting glazes on premade ceramic statues. The kids chose fairies, horses, cars and dolphins to paint. These were then dipped in transparent glaze and fired in the kiln and shall be ready to collect in a couple of days.


I brought the birthday cake and drinks. Rita provided chips, nuggets and sausages for the children to eat. As the weather was dry a brief interlude of running around Rita’s garden like nutters ensued.

Then it was back to the fun of the potter’s wheel. Each child had a turn of sitting at the wheel and producing their own creation from scratch under the tuition of Rita.  Without exception, all the kids loved this part of the party. You could see the concentration on their faces and they were chuffed with themselves when they finished their masterpiece. It was great fun.


Each child brought home their own showpiece. Rita also provided the usual treat party bags. Would definitely recommend Rita’s for your child’s party if they are at all interested in arts and crafts. This birthday celebration was something different from the normal playcentre party and suited Sibéal perfectly for this birthday.

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