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Bridge on the go

Posted on | October 7, 2009 | 2 Comments

As previously mentioned, once in a while, I like to play Bridge. These days, however, time to go to the bridge club is elusive. So I had been looking for a version of bridge for the Nintendo DS. Alas none of card games on the DS had come up to scratch, they were all very basic and just annoyed me as were definitely not targeted for anyone who plays bridge.

Then in the comments on the Bridge for Nintendo DS post, Jamie suggested that Bridge could now be played on the iphone. Coolo.

I had been a fan of Bridge Baron on my PC so was delighted to see it was one of the applications that could be downloaded from iTunes for my phone. It hasn’t disappointed.

As can be seen it has a very clear and intuitive layout. You can change card and table appearance should you wish. Bridge playing conventions can also be selected to suit whichever method you play. There appears to be an endless choice of hands to play so I can’t seem myself getting bored with it any time soon.

I find it improves my bidding and card play as once I complete a hand, I can get the “Baron” to play the same hand automatically. This is interesting as it shows alternative and often improved play, so is a learning tool for me.

One omission from this 1.4 version is that the facility to get a “hint” when I was unsure of what to bid or which card to play. This is included in the PC version and I find it handy.

Despite that minor niggle, overall, I find it great when I’m stuck in a waiting room with time on my hands. I always have the phone with me and thankfully now also can spend some of that time enjoying a hand or 2 of bridge. Recommended.

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2 Responses to “Bridge on the go”

  1. Milen Milkovski
    November 30th, 2009 @ 11:51 pm

    As a developer of iBridgebaron I thank you for the kind wards. The hind during bidding are there, but just little hard to see. Go to to see where Hind, back and show all buttons are.

  2. Manic Mammy
    December 1st, 2009 @ 12:33 am

    Many thanks Milen.
    You’re correct, it is there. I just couldn’t see it as it was too faded. I’ve found it now so am very happy!

    Many thanks and well done on the development of an excellent iphone app. I love it.

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