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Knickerbocker fun

Posted on | April 15, 2009 | No Comments

Just back from another loud, fun, busy weekend with my inlaws in Rosslare. All had a brilliant time and thankfully the weather was great so plenty of running around outside and fabulous walks on the beach were had.

Over the weekend, the younger kids had loads of fun playing this game.

Its extremely straightforward and easy to play. 6 players can play at once. The easiest version is where the knickerbocker glory is assembled using the colour die. The 6 coloured fruit sections are filled as each player in turn rolls the die. The first to complete their icecream wins. Even the 2 year old could manage this with only a little assistance.

The game can also be played using the numbered die. The coloured fruit sections have also a specific number of fruit in them as can be seen from picture above.

Overall a really great fun game that is very portable and can be played by kids of all ages, I believe Nana and Grandad also had a few turns playing it. ;-)   With the added advantage of helping the younger kids learn their numbers and colours. Coolo.

Its widely available in most toy or craft shops for approximately €10.

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