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Bento Box in Dublin

Posted on | October 16, 2008 | No Comments

Last Saturday just before the excitement of the Irish Web Awards commenced, we decided to head to Yamamori to grab a quick bite to eat. When we arrived around 5ish the place was hopping, a good sign. We were seated without delay.

To keep things quick and easy, we both ordered a bento box. Some Eda-mame and a couple of Kirin beers were also ordered. Unfortunately they didn’t have any IKI beer which I had enjoyed on a previous visit to Wagamama in Cork.

The service was very efficient and friendly. The Eda-mame and beers were served quickly. I loved the Eda-mame. I hadn’t eaten them previously, the soya beans steamed in their pods and sprinkled with salt were pretty addictive.

Then the dinner bento boxes arrived, accompanied with some miso soup, rice and a dipping sauce. The bento box consisted of three pieces of sushi, some crispy chicken,  fried white fish with sauce and some pork dumplings. To be honest, the food was grand but there was nothing overwhelming about it. I was slightly disappointed. There was plenty of it and the total price of the meal came to under €50.

We left full but I doubt I’d order a bento box again, preferring to stick to their sushi platters instead.

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