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Legs Eleven

Posted on | June 2, 2008 | No Comments

Its Summer time yeah, at last and legs all over the country and being let out to see the sun after their Winter hibernation.

feel free summer
Creative Commons License photo credit: frischmilch

For over a decade now, the husband has been a fan of the King of Shaves shaving oil products so when I recently spotted the woman’s version I decided to invest and see what all the fuss is about.

The verdict: Its great. It smells really fresh. I like the smell of tea tree oil and this with peppermint are the predominant aromas of this product. You massage a small amount of it onto your damp/wet skin, it lathers slightly but not in a conventional shaving foam “can’t see your legs” way. The razor glides very smoothly along your skin. I haven’t had any nicks, cuts or angry, irritated red skin since beginning to use this gel.

The result is smooth, soft, shaven legs that smell great. It cost approximately €5 but the one tube lasts for ages.  RESULT! Me happy and all set for the beach. Let the sunny weather continue.

jogging on the beach
Creative Commons License photo credit: naama

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