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Fishy fishy

Posted on | May 28, 2008 | No Comments

For Oscar’s first birthday my dad bought him an aquarium and some fish. He loved it. But since moving to Bandon 5 years ago, its just been stored as we never got around to setting it up here and restocking it with fish.

All changed last weekend as for his ninth birthday, we decided to get organised and get it set up once more.

I had seen the Potty Fish shop on the bypass road in Bandon and had heard from my sister in law, who has a dog that it was a good pet shop.

Its quite a large store set over 2 floors, with a range of animals to been seen and bought. The kids loved the rabbits, guinea pig and the many fish tanks filled with both tropical, coldwater fish and turtles.

The sales assistant was excellent. As it has been so long since we’ve had fish, I had forgotten much about their care and she was brilliant with offering advice. We left on Saturday with a bag of gravel for the bottom of our tank, new sponges for our water filters, water treatment and advice to set up the tank once more and get it running for at least 24 hours before we re-introduce fish to it.

We decided to just go down the coldwater fish route again as they seem less fragile than the tropical variety. The next day I bought a new filter as had discovered one of the old ones wasn’t working too well. Each of the older children selected a goldfish and we picked 3 small ones for the toddler. Once home, we copped the filter we had just purchased was too tall for our tank. We returned and it was exchanged with a smaller one, no bother.

Overall, I was very impressed with the customer service in this shop, the staff were extremely helpful. The shop stocks an extensive range of dog food, cat food, doghouses and accessories. Aswell as large and small aquaria, birds, cages and lots of pet accessories. Definitely worth checking out if you’ve a pet or thinking of getting one.

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