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The King and Castle

Posted on | May 21, 2008 | No Comments

Whilst on our Legoland trip a fortnight ago, we decided to eat out in Windsor on the Saturday night. We had intended finding a family friendly Italian restaurant or similar and rather naively hadn’t booked anywhere.

We arrived into Windsor around 7. It was a glorious Summer’s evening and the town was hopping. It was packed with people and unfortunately we discovered after traipsing from one restaurant to the next, that most restaurants were fully or nearly fully booked. The minimum waiting time for a table of 7 averaged at an hour and the kids were getting very hungry and tired.

We decided to try the King and Castle pub which is situated along the main street of Windsor. Its a large pub with plenty of outdoor seating. We ended up at a table on the first floor. A fairly extensive menu and kids menu were left for our perusal.

Photo taken from their website.

Conor headed to the bar to order. The four older children at this stage were very hungry and so ordered adult portions of lasagne, for the toddler spaghetti bolognese, I ordered scampi and Conor went with a steak. As it was a Saturday evening and the pub was packed, the service was understandably not as prompt as we would like.

When the food arrived 30 minutes or so later, the children wolfed down their lasagnes declaring them to be “nearly as good as Nana’s” – high praise indeed and their plates were almost licked clean. Unfortunately the toddler didn’t like her spaghetti bolognese, preferring instead to eat slices of garlic bread. My scampi wasn’t great: fairly tasteless and overcooked. Conor felt his steak ok, not medium rare as he had specified but more well done.

Overall the food was fairly mediocre, but the overall cost of the all the food plus 5 glasses of milk and 2 lagers was £56 which was surprisingly low and we left full. Perhaps if we had visited on a less hectic evening we would have fared better service and foodwise.

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