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Review of 42 All-Time Classics for Nintendo DS

Posted on | April 13, 2008 | No Comments


I bought this Nintendo game a few days ago. I had been interested to see if I could get a Bridge game for the DS and alas this is the one game I’m not too enamoured with. I had to abandon playing it as it was way too simplified in bidding and play conventions and there appeared no way to amend either.

However, since abandoning the Contract Bridge game, I’ve enjoyed many of the others on offer. 5 card draw and Texas Hold ‘em Poker, Blackjack, Chess, Checkers, Dots and Boxes, Grid Attack, Soltaire, Mahjong Soltaire to name the few I’ve played so far.

All fairly basic versions but good fun. The 8 and 6 year olds have also been borrowing the DS and playing them too. Its a good way for them to learn the basics of so many standard board and card games. Their current favourites being “I doubt it” which we knew as the card game “cheat”, Old Maid, Memory, Poker, bowling, darts and checkers. They’re also interested in learning the basics of chess and backgammon.

Overall, its a good puchase if you want an extensive range of standard card and board games in one handy place which is portable.  WiFi can also be used to play up to 7 friends too or to play online. However the standard of the games is fairly basic which was disappointing.

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