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Review of Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre

Posted on | March 28, 2008 | 3 Comments

Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre,
9 Corlurgan Business Park, Ballinagh Road,

As we were in Cavan visiting Granny for the past few days, we decided to take the opportunity on one of the rainy days to visit Cavan’s latest indoor children’s activity centre.

I headed with the 3 middle children as eldest was ill and baby happy enough to potter around with Granny. So the 6, 4 and 2 year old and myself arrived at Kool Kids. Its located on the Ballinagh road so is very easy to get to and plenty of parking. The first thing I noted is that unlike some of children’s indoor play centres we’ve been to, there were loads of windows, skylights and so plenty of natural daylight and it was nice and bright.

The charge was €7 per child for 90 mins play. Security was good, the usual magnetised gate at the entrance and kids had to be buzzed in and out. There were plenty of visible staff in all areas of the centre too which was great.

There were 3 main areas, one to suit each age range. A fine big toddler  area with lots of foam blocks, stairs, balls, large foam jigsaws. The 3-5 year old section was loved by our larger than life 2 year old. He loved the slide and climbing up the stairs. This area also had a swing boat and a sing ball which were a bit beyond his capability yet.  An indoor small soccer area was adjacent to this section.

The larger kids section was loved by our 6 year old. 2 slides, one open and one a closed tube were tested again and again. What I liked about this section and the younger children’s one was that most of it was just enclosed by netting so that you could keep an eye on your child no matter which part of the maze they were in. There was plenty to keep them amused in this area.


The highlight of the centre for the 6 year old was not this though, it was the climbing wall. I thought this was a fabulous idea. It was attended by one of the staff who ensured the child was harnessed safely and then 2 at a time could climb up using the usual foot and hand holds. He loved it and each time progressed a little bit further.


The highlight for the 2 and 4 year old though was the ball shooting area. Again, I thought this was a great idea and a bit different. It was something they both loved after a while of running around. The 2 year old needed a chair to reach it, but once set up, he was happy to get 2 balls, fire them through the air gun at the target. Then he’d get down and get 2 more balls again and again. He really loved it and had to be pryed off it when it was time to leave.


The centre had plenty of seating between the entrance and the play areas. So it was possible to have a break and a coffee and still keep an eye on your children. The usual refreshments of tea, coffees, soft drinks and confectionary were on sale.

Overall, I really liked this centre. I thought it was well set up, there was plenty to keep the children amused and plenty of friendly, helpful staff. I can see it being a godsend on rainy days when we’re up visiting Granny and the kids need to expend some energy and run around for a while. We’ll definitely be returning.

Rated 4/5 on Mar 28 2008
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3 Responses to “Review of Kool Kids Children’s Activity Centre”

  1. Lauren Cahill
    July 24th, 2008 @ 9:14 am

    I like kool kids but its not that big .You keep coming back to the same place all the time and thats because there is like only1 or 2 roates to use for big kids but I still dont mind going to it for 15mins. or so well thanks anyway for bringing it to Cavan c ya soon, toodles!!!!

  2. finn mcqullan
    June 20th, 2009 @ 11:07 am

    i think kool kids is great well be back again!!

  3. Pauline Rehill
    May 22nd, 2010 @ 9:37 pm

    My son had his party there for the last 3 years and we all enjoyed it very much, the owner is a very friendly lady and very helpful and appreciates our business, i also love that i can bring my laptop and surf the net while the children play.

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