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Review of Damages Series 1

Posted on | March 9, 2008 | No Comments

Have recently started watching this legal thriller series which is showing on Monday nights on BBC1. Have been well impressed so far.

It began with a bloodstained woman running panicked out of an apartment building and then returns to 6 months previous to this, where we meet the same woman beginning her career as a lawyer. She is Ellen Parsons and is played by Rose Byrne. Glenn Close is her boss, feared and revered litigator, Patty Hewes. Patty is taking on Arthur Frobisher, played by Ted Danson, a wealthy CEO in a class action lawsuit. Both Ted Danson and Glenn Close are excellent in this. The plot twists and turns and just as you think you know happened something occurs to change your mind.

It is difficult to see who is the goodie and who the baddie. Everything is not as it seems and it compelling to watch as we know the ultimate result of the dead man in the apartment. Who killed him and why is yet to be discovered. Did Ellen do it and why would she? If not, who is framing her? What is their motivation?

The dialogue is sharp and the acting great. I particularly like Frobisher’s lawyer Ray Fiske, played by Zeljko Ivanek and Tate Donovan who plays Patty’s second in command.  Very enjoyable viewing and the best opening theme tune since The Sopranos: The VLA - “When I get through with you”

Rated 4/5 on Mar 09 2008
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