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Review of Desperate Housewives, Series 4

Posted on | January 17, 2008 | No Comments

Entertaining so far with new character who previously lived on Wisteria Lane and has a secret.


Just two episodes in of the new season of Desperate Housewives on RTE2 and I’m enjoying it again. I felt the last series meandered a smidge towards the end and lost its momentum but this series seems to be back on form again.

Main mystery this season is the arrival of Katherine Mayfair, her daughter and new husband after a 12 year lapse, when she left Wisteria Lane very abruptly. What’s her secret and why does her daughter have absolutely no recollection or memories of living in Wisteria lane previously. Her rivalry and one up manship with Bree in the “most perfect housewife” stakes is quite amusing as they battle over best lemon meringue pie recipes and more, both maintaining their superficial smiles and air of politeness.

The other source of humour so far has come from newly wed Gabrielle’s affair with her ex-husband Carlos and his twists and turns trying to get out from the clutches of a now rather desperate Edie.  

More seriously Lynette commences chemotherapy to fight cancer and the different reactions she recieves make interesting viewing.

Susan, probably the character I find least interesting, discovers she’s pregnant. It may be interesting to see how this changes her relationship with teenage daughter and newly wed husband. Bree’s fake pregnancy is also a much weaker storyline.

That said, its not a bad hour’s entertainment and escapism. 

Rated 3/5 on Jan 17 2008
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