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Posted on | January 12, 2008 | No Comments


Yep, another New Year’s Resolution, to get my lardy arse once more running. Its been a while, but so far so good: baby steps, baby steps.

Have started on the treadmill again which was probably one of the best purchases I ever made. Yep, it was expensive but it avoids me heading out on my lonesome, jogging at night in the dark or the hassle of joining a gym. We have it stationed in the playroom, so once the kids are in bed, I just plonk on the telly in front of it at loud volume, shut the door and start walking/jogging.

I hate dogs and so I don’t really like running outdoors unless I know its a place I’m very unlikely to meet dog walkers with their dogs unleashed. People who think its ok to let their mutt bound over to me as I’m jogging do my head in. No I don’t like your gawdawful pooch, I don’t think its cute, keep it the hell away from me.

Its been a long while since I’ve done any serious running though. At heart, I guess I’m lazy. I need motivation big time and usually I need to be goal driven. Two days after completing the Dublin marathon in 2004 I discovered I was pregnant and as usual, my energy plummeted as did any level of exercise and I lost all the fitness I had achieved through the previous months of training. I’d love to get that fit again. Since, I have been slimmer and weighed less but I haven’t been even remotely as fit. It felt brilliant. I always felt exhilarated returning from a decent run.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen by magic and there’s the hard work between now and getting there. Still at least I’ve started. Last night 7km: 11mins run and 50 mins walking. Tonight hopefully I’ll do a couple more minutes of the total running and less walking.

It would be deadly to do another marathon, preferably a smidge faster than my last time. The training schedule is a big commitment, but the feeling on the day makes it worthwhile. Who knows, maybe I’ll make the Cork marathon in June or Dublin in October. We’ll see.

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