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Review of The Sculptress by Minette Walters

Posted on | December 30, 2007 | No Comments

Well written, gripping crime novel, that keeps you guessing.


Its been a long while since I’ve enjoyed a crime novel. The latest ones I’d read all seemed run of the mill, too predictable or too incredible. I’d almost given up on the genre till my sister in law lent me this book to read a couple of weeks ago.

Its not often I get a few days peace and quiet to read a book of late, but the last couple of nights whilst in mam’s new abode, tv on the blink and kids in bed early worn out after day’s play with their new Christmas pressies, I got that opportunity.

In no time this book had my attention and interest. It opens with an author, Roz, being badgered into meeting a convicted killer in prison by her editor, with the view to writing a book on her. Olive has been in prison for a good few years after confessing to killing and butchering her mother and sister. She’s described as huge, morbidly obese, a bit of a loner, and this apparant unattractiveness is contrasted with her sister’s beauty and seeming “loved by all” personality. Her trial was waived with her “guilty” plea despite, as Roz begins to discover, many discrepancies in her confession and the physical evidence.

Thus begins Roz’s investigation and the whole “did she, didn’t she?” debate.

There’s also a subplot which I found less credible and interesting, of Roz and her relationship with ex-copper Hal. His personality was rather one dimensional. Her previous marriage and its tragic end with the death of her daughter also adds to the development of her character and goes somewhat to explaining her empathy and understanding of Olive.

The plot kept me intrigued, for a change I really didn’t know how the story would end, and even when it did, I was left with an uncertainty as to whether the truth had won out.

 For a few hours escapism, I really enjoyed reading it!



Rated 4/5 on Dec 30 2007
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