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Review of LeisureWorld Bishopstown

Posted on | June 8, 2007 | No Comments

LeisureWorld Bishopstown,
Rossa Avenue,

Great place for a very enjoyable, relaxed family swim.

Last bank holiday Monday, the kids were getting antsy so I decided to bring the 4 older ones swimming, to expend some of that excess energy and hopefully have some fun in doing so. So off we headed to Leisureworld.

The first thing I like about Leisureworld is that the changing areas are not split into male and female, as this is usually grounds for contention with the now 8 year old son. He doesn’t like having to accompany his mammy and younger siblings into the ladies changing room when we swim in the public swimming pool near my mother’s house.

The general changing area in Leisureworld works well as there are good number (approximately 5) large family changing rooms contained within it, as well as plenty of single changing rooms. So myself and the 4 kids headed into one of large family rooms, all got changed into swimming attire and loaded up one the lockers with our towels/clothes etc. There are loads of lockers, which cost €1 to use, a large communal shower area, usual toilets and hairdryers.

The shower area is also communal which I also like as I can see the kids at all times and there’s no need to be separated from them and so safer in my view.

There are 3 pools, one 25m, one 18m and a good size toddler pool which I would guess is about 2.5 or 3 ft in depth. This is the one we use. It is deep enough for the older lads to practice their swimming in, whilst the 3 year old feels confident in it, walking and splashing around or holding on to the side, kicking her feet. The 2 year old was very anxious initially, but eventually gained sufficient confidence to start splashing his feet too. There are usually a few foam “frogs” or pretend cars in this pool to add to the fun.

The life guards were very visible and appeared to be very attentive to what was going on in all the pools.

We spent a good hour in the pool and the cost for the 5 of us was €16 for a family swim.

Leisureworld has plenty of other facilities such as gym, aerobics, all-weather soccer pitches and a cafe.  They also run swimming lessons. I haven’t used any of these yet, but hope to make more use of the swimming pool over the next few months after our very enjoyable monday morning there.

The only disadvantage I have found is that on our previous visit both the big 25m pool and the toddler pool were being used for swimming lessons and so we were limited to using the 18m pool which wasn’t suitable for me with the 3 older kids on my own as the 2 younger ones had to be held constantly in my arms as the water was too deep for them to feel comfortable in on their own. So its a good idea to ring before hand to make sure all pools are available for public use when you intend to go.

Rated 4/5 on Jun 08 2007 by manicmammy

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